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Disease Intervention Services


What is a DIS?

DIS stands for Disease Intervention Specialist​.  DIS are specially trained workers who focus on improving the overall health of the community by helping those impacted by Sexually Transmitted Infections/Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI/STD).

Our Goal

Our goal as DIS is to stop or prevent the spread of STD/STIs by ensuring patients and people in the community are getting the necessary testing and treatment that they need and deserve.

Service to the Community 

  • Anytime a patient in our area tests positive for certain STDs/STIs it is reported to us so that we can follow up with them and possibly with their providers to make sure that they are getting the best care possible and understand what services are available to them.

  • This may mean working with the provider to inform or assist in the next steps to take in a patient’s care, or this could mean following up with the patient directly to provide services to the patient in a timely manner.

  • DIS take the extra steps to care for patients despite any barriers they may have or face.

  • DIS can work with the patient to remove barriers such as transportation, inability to pay, and working with flexible hours if need be.

  • DIS also can provide testing and treatment services to the partners of the patient.

  • Our services are both FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

  • We can also make referrals for other services as needed.

Meet The Team

Laura 2 (1).jpg

Laura, MPH, CHES, DIS3
Area Program Manager

Jaydee (1).jpg

Julian, BS, DIS2

elizabeth yoder.jpg

Elizabeth, MPH, BSW, DIS2

Jazzmine, BS, DIS2

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