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Group Seflie

Nurse Practitioner

Job Summary

Within the scope of clinical ability, the Advance Practice Nurse (APN) provides nursing and medical services to clients.  The APN emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention as well as diagnosis and management of disease.  The APN assists with the establishment of guidelines, standardized practices and policies and procedures for the program and insures compliance with them during the performance of their work.  Work is performed in conjunction with the Medical Director as defined in the APN’s Collaborative Practice Agreement. 

As the Advanced Practice Nurse you will:

  • Perform physical examination of patients (when indicated), order and/or conduct and evaluate appropriate tests to determine medical condition/status and to diagnose illness. 

  • Review and interpret pap smears, blood tests and cultures and contact patients to discuss and arrange treatment if results indicate abnormalities as outlined in the laboratory protocols. 

  • Manage common gynecological protocols. 

  • Manage hormonal & nonhormonal contraceptive users and appropriately counsel patients regarding use and side effects of all forms of contraception. 

  • Insert or remove IUD’s and Contraceptive Implants 

  • Perform therapeutic procedures for: Vaginitis, condylomata accuminata, herpes pregenitolis, gonorrhea, anemia, amenorrhea, emergency situation of syncope or shock. 

  • Provide information, instruction and counseling to patients regarding STDs and health issues emphasizing preventative health care practices to ensure optimum health and safety. 

  • Refer clients to other agencies for services beyond scope of position’s authority to provide and perform follow-up tasks to ensure patient receives proper care. 

  • Utilize computer systems to input required information


Minimum Qualifications/Transferable Skills*:

  • As the Advanced Practice Nurse, you will work in a culturally appropriate manner with each of the populations most affected by STDs and HIV.

  • Master’s Degree in nursing required for Nurse Practitioner and preferred for Woman’s Health Care Specialist from an accredited program. 

  • Current license to practice as a registered advance practice nurse in the State of Indiana. 

  • Bilingual in Spanish preferred but not required

  • Ability to work within a medical protocol established with a medical director. 

  • Demonstrates recognized clinical competency.

  • Ability to supervise others in performing assigned functions. 

  • Self-directed and motivated to participate in continued learning and professional development. 

  • Must be willing to travel to attend trainings.

  • Must be proficient in phlebotomy and gynecological specimen collection and testing. 

  • Current CPR certification required (or must obtain certification within the first three months of employment). 

  • Ability to work with communities affected by sexually transmitted infections in a professional and non-judgmental manner including working with men that have sex with men, injection drug users, people of color and youth

  • Effective communication skills in working with patients, community members, and co-workers. Communication must be effective, positive and respectful, and include skills such as active listening, empathy, courtesy, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to assist patients and community incorporate health care recommendations and appropriately modify health behaviors

  • Ability to create trust with the clients, community members, and co-workers. One aspect of creating trust is to offer meaningful access and equal quality to individuals from the cultural and linguistic population served, based on an understanding of each population's distinct needs

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